Best European Betting Sites – Bet In Euros

Unlike the USA, most European nations have adopted regulations for internet sports betting and offer a legal and secure environment for their own citizens. Even the European Union is a lot more progressive when it comes to Internet gaming in contrast to other areas of the world, which has allowed the action to flourish.

EU member countries account for approximately 45 percent of the total sum wagered globally. The online gaming sector as a whole is worth about $33 billion globally, meaning European gamblers are making up about $14.85 billion of their global online wagering marketplace, which makes them the biggest regulated market in the world.
European Gambling Laws
While some member states were quicker to embrace online gaming rules compared to others, the EU authorities has strict laws regulating free contest between EU nations and their taxpayers.

For awhile, many countries practically ignored these free-trade and commerce laws. Instead, they legalized online betting in their own nations while outlawing or advising players to steer clear of overseas operators, therefore enforcing a state-run monopoly.

Blocking other EU member countries from offering online betting services to taxpayers in the nation where the activity is lawful breaks European law. The European Commission has fined many nations and pressured them into compliance over the years.

But countries like France and the Netherlands are still very much monopolistic in contrast to other states, which allow citizens to bet at any certified gambling site in the EU. As of 2014, there are still ongoing legal battles in regards to this issue.

Even with all the free trade and competition laws on the books, it’s important to remember that every country still has their set of regulations and licensing requirements. Tax rates will be different.

In general, just about every member state from the EU has some form of legal online gambling. Online sports gambling are offered by the majority.

What’s more, they provide better consumer protections compared to any other bodies on the planet. If a participant has a dispute with a gaming operator, their local gambling regulators will work on the participant’s benefit to make sure that the player is treated fairly. They will also keep your eye on theft and fraud offenses by unscrupulous or unscrupulous online gaming websites.

This is a luxury that bettors countries where online gambling is deemed illegal or perhaps in a legal gray area won’t be afforded. If they have a dispute with an operator, then they are still at the mercy of the website that holds their funds. There’s practically nothing they can do from a legal perspective.

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