Daniel Sturridge: Former Liverpool striker faces ban from games in Turkey if FA wins appeal

Daniel Sturridge may face a ban from playing with with a range of games in Turkey when the FA is effective with a charm along with his sanctions for breaking rules.
Sturridge was given a two-week ban in July along with a fine – a decision that the FA believed was overly lenient – following an independent commission query.
It found that the former England international had taught his brother, Leon, to lay bets on him creating a move that was potential to Sevilla, which equates to insider details.
But of 11 charges brought against Sturridge were disregarded and an announcement issued by the FA in the time the body”respectfully disagrees with the regulatory commission’s findings.”
Sky Sports News continues to be advised whether the FA’s appeal is effective, and when there is a harsher sporting sanction imposed which contains a playing ban football’s governing body may seek for that to be levied in Turkey.
If the FA’s request was accepted by the authorities that would indicate that Sturridge – who made his debut Trabzonspor about Sunday – would be made to sit out some additional matches for his team.
The 30-year-old signed Trabzonspor in August on up a three-year contract after being released by Liverpool and came off the bench for his debut in Sunday’s 2-2 draw.
Until today no football has been missed by Sturridge since the inaugural ban died before the year began.

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