David de Gea: Injured keeper a doubt for Man Utd v Liverpool

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After arriving off hurt on Spain responsibility goalkeeper David de Gea is an uncertainty for Manchester United’s Premier League match.
The 28-year-old appeared to hurt his hamstring during his country’s Euro 2020 qualifier in Sweden.
He was replaced with Chelsea’s Kepa Arrizabalaga together with his side following a hour in Stockholm trailing 1-0.
An Rodrigo equaliser secured the spot of Spain in the Euros and got a 1-1 draw.
De Gea’s accident came in circumstances – after clearing a backpass from his own 25, he promptly caught the back of his leg.
Before making his way off the pitch alongside the 19, he sat on the ground at his six-yard box.
United haven’t won in their three games that are top-flight and have been 12th in the Premier League.
They will confront a side planning a total that could equal the record, for an 18th Premier League win.
De Gea was critical of the side’s performances this season after their final match – a 1-0 defeat at Newcastle – stating:”The entire season is not suitable for us.
“We have accidents but it’s not a justification. We’re Manchester United. We need to prepare yourself to keep battling and to get back to winning matches.”
In case De Gea is not able to feature at Old Trafford at the weekend, Argentine Sergio Romero – that has showcased at Carabao Cup and the Europa League this season – is likely to replace him.
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