El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie Betting Props: Does Jesse Pinkman Live?

Fans of the Breaking Bad television series will eventually get to find the fate of the troubled Jesse Pinkman whenever the movieEl Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie premiered on Netflix this week.
Oddsmakers are all set have released a ton of betting props which involve your favourite characters in the world and to return to Albuquerque for its award-winning drama.
Online sportsbook BetOnline has if Walter White or Saul Goodman will appear in the picture to if Pinkman will break bad and return to doing drugs.
One of the highly debated issues for anyone who watched the final scene of the Breaking Bad finale was when Jess Pinkman got away from the police when driving away in the El Camino or when he ends up getting caught or expires.
The current betting odds are -160??that he doesnt expire in theEl Camino film and for him to fulfill his unfortunate passing, the chances are +120. Where bettors can have some interesting is they can wager??on themethod of death to get Jesse and a number of them are grim options.
Gunshot is +300 and Knife/Axe is +700 while drowning is +3300??but those seem too simple for a writer such as Vince Gilligan, who might be one of the greatest screenwriters/directors at foreshadowing.
Gilligan doesnt seem to be the type with some of the deaths we have seen on Breaking Bad or Better Phone Saul although deep down, Im rooting that Pinkman makes it out alive.
I debated Jesses destiny with fellow Odds Shark author Scott Hastings and that I suggested theSuicide gaming choice at +1000 since I suspect hell be on the run a great deal in the D.E.A. inside this flick.?? Hes dubious of Jesse carrying his own life and thinks him NOT to expire at -160??are the option that is best, irrespective of chances.
What do you believe happens to Jesse Pinkman atEl Camino: A Breaking Bad Picture? While cooking up some payback Can he put away? Or does he end up like everyone else who crossed paths with Walter White/Heisenberg.
Here??are a few of theseEl Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie betting props provided by BetOnline and you can see more in the??sportsbook.
Curious at BetOnline as of October 9
Odds at BetOnline as of October 9
Curious at BetOnline at October 9
Curious at October 9??in BetOnline
Curious in BetOnline at October 9
Curious in BetOnline as of October 9
Curious at BetOnline at October 9

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