Fighting racism in football needs urgent action says Graeme Souness

Graeme Souness has encouraged everyone to stand up and be counted in the battle against racism in soccer after this weekends issues continue to blight the sport.
Following the players walked off the pitch because of alleged racist abuse whereas the FA Cup qualifying game between Yeovil and Haringey Borough was abandoned bristol City are investigating reports of racist terminology from supporters against Luton Town.
And Souness, speaking as a Sky Sports pundit alongside Roy Keane along with Jose Mourinho before Manchester United vs Liverpool, live on Sky Sports Premier League, launched a scathing attack onthe idiots spoiling it for everyone.
Historically the screenplay has always been it is only a few people who develop and spoil it for everybody, Souness said.
I believe we have now gotten to a point where it has to be spoilt for everyone – whether its players walking off, closing portions of motives or really shutting whole stadiums.
We have to stand up and be counted – so you cannot accept this at the 21st century, were supposed to be an educated country.
Soccer mirrors society and if you are a decision-maker or part of this institution then do anything about it today.
Dont speak about what youre going to do in a months time, six months time or a year. Act on it now.
Its with us now, its present, its in our face so address it now. Be strong, do not be shy, do not be timid. Stand up to those idiots as possible, and chase them down the road.
This cannot go on as it is a reflection on all of us – people see Britain as a significant influence throughout the world so let us be at the forefront and come up with something revolutionary to challenge it and show were not prepared to accept it.
Journalist Melissa Reddy also believes after the incident at Haringey proved that racism is prevalent at every level of this match, a company stance is needed.
Speaking on Sunday Supplement, Reddy stated:It has always been brushed under the rug because it is not high profile enough.
It is not Paul Pogba receiving racist messages on Twitter, which then kicks everybody into equipment, and makes front pages and everybody chooses the moral high ground.
The punishment needs to center around those that are accountable. Abuse isnt competition, but it is not increased tribalism, its a crime and it has to be punished as a crime.
We will need to improve over all levels including access to this footage, taking better witness statements from everybody and making sure at every game there are people there who are able to record and report footage.
It cant only be about hashtags, slogans on chunks, fancy little programmes or some of these things. They do not make any huge difference.
You should punish this behaviour with the strongest possible tools at your disposal. Like I said its a criminal act so that your deal with it accordingly.
The episodes of the weekend come on the rear of the players of England being subjected in their Euro 2020 qualifier from Bulgaria in Sofia.
It triggered widespread condemnation that has so far resulted in 16 arrests Even though the pitch in the long run did not wander off.
And if all eyes are on FIFA and UEFA activities, there is also increased scrutiny about the English FA to act following the recent incidents.
Speaking on Aims Sunday, Chris Hughton said:England and Gareth Southgate came out of the match in Bulgaria with a great deal of charge but it is important we get our own house in order.
I think it could be a pivotal moment but moving forward, it is about ensuring the perfect activity occurs.
It is all about the surroundings also – increasing the amount of CCTV cameras, stewarding so that if people have these feelings, then it might just stop them .

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