Jeff Reinebold’s NFL Week 2 Tips

Hey Aloha that is Jeff Reinebold coming to you for Oddschecker. Week 2 of the National Football League is about to kick off!
Here are the matches that I think are games with and here’s how I see every fixture of this weekend coming all the way from of through to Monday night.
Chargers @ Lions
I like the Chargers, I believe the Chargers have a greater overall roster. My ex-kicker, ty Long, had. So I like the Chargers within this 19, he was the AFC special team’s player of the week.
Arizona??Cardinals @ Baltimore Ravens
They have got a long way to go although cardinals were much better in the second half. I think that the Ravens are a team on defence. If Lamar Jackson could still continue to throw the ball the way he did the Ravens are likely to be a soccer team by time. I like the Ravens.
Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee??Titans
Close to one, this is going to be a close friend. The thing is can the Titans play exactly the identical level a week, they did. I think Titans within this one although they had been an inconsistent team, this really can be a test for them at the Colts last year.
Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers
Packers are favourites from a Vikings team that performed against the Falcons in the home but today they need to go to Lambeau Field. I believe that is a sport I’d stay away from, I don’t like the drama. I think that the Vikings defeat against the Packers and could enter Lambeau, along with even the Packers again may demonstrate that mystique they appear to have in that arena. Stay out of this game.
Seattle Seahawks @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Seahawks have a tough job on their hands, and they all have to fly across the country three times nearly to beat the Steelers in the home. Difficult to beat the Steelers were embarrassed last week at Foxborough, I look to bounce back in this one.
Buffalo Bills @ New York??Giants
The conflict of the New York country groups. Bills played bad in the first half last week against the Jets, now they have got to visit another New York team. They are going to get to play two halves of soccer to beat the Giants. I’m going to take the Giants.
New England Patriots @ Miami Dolphins
I don’t understand what the line is about this one since the Patriots are likely to get after the Dolphins. They’ve played well in South Florida historically, that’s where they’ve had some important losses. I can not see Dolphins simply have too much of a roster.
Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders
Really like this game. One is the Raiders, after working I’m going to tell you some thing. Patrick Mahomes played excellent week, I look for it to continue. I think that Derek Carr’s likely to need to have a game for the Raiders to really have a opportunity. However, I enjoy the Chiefs.
Chicago Bears @ Denver Broncos
Major match for Vic Fangio, the head coach of the Broncos. His previous team is coming into town. The Bears are currently having to acquire their offence. It needs to be tough at the Mile High City that if they can find their pass rush have a chance of being a real defence. I understand the Bears are favourites but I think the Broncos will win this game.
Philadelphia Eagles @ Atlanta Falcons
Carry the Eagles. Falcons looked awful a week in Minnesota. I think that the Eagles are a good football team although they’ll be better at home.
Cleveland Browns @ New York Jets
Here this will be an excellent Monday nighter. The Jets against the Browns in the home. Both teams dropped in the weekend, so the two teams need wins. Freddie Kitchens the head coach of the Browns is training against his head coach Gregg Williams. Now they’re likely to match wits I think could be a very outstanding football match. I like the Browns. I presume last week that Baker Mayfield will bounce back for his three interceptions in the fourth quarter. Require the Browns.
It is possible to back all Jeff’s Week 2 picks in an 88/1 multiple! Add them all for your bet slip below.

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