Jose Mourinho: Will Tottenham head coach have more freedom?

Jose Mourinho turned down job offers in China, Spain and Portugal since leaving Manchester United, but would he have more energy to assert his authority at Tottenham?
The Sunday Supplement panel spoke Mourinhos appointment if to be able to achieve success in his fourth job in football, the Portuguese needs to change his strategy to direction and as Tottenham head coach.
Mourinho won three Premier League titles with Chelsea, also is now one of three directors to have won the UEFA Champions League twice with 2 clubs, FC Porto in 2004 and Inter Milan in 2010 – but the impression is his most recent position comes with a different set of initial goals.
Even the Daily Mails chief sports writer Martin Samuel said:Whats different for Mourinho in Tottenham as opposed to any job he has ever had in British soccer is that together with Chelsea and Manchester United, if you dont win the league youve failed.
In Chelsea, if you dont win the league, you get sacked. Somewhat has altered however Maurizio Sarri nevertheless went after one year. It is exactly the same at Manchester United – it is simply because they have fallen so much and suddenly that its been revised a little bit.
But Mourinho has been expected to win against the league in United. That is the first job he has needed in England where if you dont win the league in Tottenham, it is not a tragedy since theyve not won the league since 1961.
It ought to be a genius, but he has at Tottenham the liberty, and a bit more wriggle-room than hes had in his past jobs.
He is an old-fashioned manager that struggles with control. He wants what Sir Alex Ferguson had. He wants to have the ability to say,that is what we do, and this is how we get it done. However, its not like this anymore.
Rafa Benitez gets exactly the same problem. They need to be a supervisor from 25 decades ago, where what I say goes and it is not like this anymore.
Mourinho has been sacked after losing the support of his players and executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward in December 2018 and clashed with personnel.
Having been backed at Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester United in the transfer market, Mourinho insists hes happy with his current Spurs squad, in which the very first objective is to retain Champions League football next year.
Even the Daily Telegraphs chief sports writer Paul Hayward said:Between now and May, its rather straightforward. He has got to find the negative in 14th to fourth.
Thats not going to be easy as Chelsea and Leicester are extremely adequate sides. Theyre not likely to move anywhere as much as I can see.
it is a logical, sensible thing to do, but I still do not think we ought to understate the degree to that Tottenham have simply ripped their identity up.
Theyve ripped up five decades of work and have tried something entirely different. Its a radical departure for Spurs to appoint Mourinho as boss.
Mourinhos difficulty is now managing upwards. Hes always managed , but there is a blueprint of him fighting with the people above him in his profession latterly – Real Madrid, Manchester United and Chelsea watched him have battle.
What we are searching for is whether he could reunite with the men and women who run and own Tottenham, because in his previous 3 jobs, he has not done that.
The Portuguese explained himself ashumble and spoke fondly of the project at his unveiling as he addressed the media for the very first time.
Mourinho claimed his DNA remains the exact same to be able to find the most but a few of his ways can alter. But following a welcome change, were?
Chief football writer in The folks, Steve Bates added:An interesting element thats been put forward is, can he change? Can we see a different Jose Mourinho?
He spoke of creatingnew mistakes in his unveiling, however that I do not think Mourinho could alter. He has a formulation , a winning formula, so that has served him brilliantly.
But the sport has changed since he was first in charge of Chelsea. It is much more aggressive now, and the playing field has levelled a lot.
His ability to win the Premier League is not as easy and guaranteed as when it was when hed Roman Abramovichs money in the first place.

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