Las Vegas Expert Picks: NFL Week 5, NCAAF Week 6, MLB Playoffs

Vegas veteran Benjamin Eckstein, author of Americas Line, brings three years of expertise to produce weekly??selections within hisEcks & Bacon column.
LAS VEGAS — Not Waiting Dont think of hitting 80 percent four. OOPS! I will try and do.
Born and raised in the Bronx and pinstripes bleed. Therefore, the Yankees-Twins is really a no-fly zone because my soul triumphs over my mind. However, my head says are the Astros SO economical from the Rays??? Get that Tampa is the Cinderella team, along with also the feel-good MLB narrative, however, man, we are speaking Justin Verlander! Were speaking DOMINATION! Were speaking Cy Young! Were talking 21-6 with 300 Ks and a 2.58 ERA! And of course, dont ever forget his inspiration… Kate Upton. The Rays trot out Tyler Glasnowwho? OK, he is 6-1 with a 1.78 ERA that is skinny, but were still discussing VERLANDER!
And we would not mind if you tickled the Cardinals. He has won seven of the last nine, and permitted just 11 earned runs on a 106-inning stretch for a stunning 0.93 ERA. And yeah he published the letter K 130 times! Since St. Loo won , we will keep it real light.
On the college football board you have a delicious matchup between Rutgers, Maryland and two groups, which were outscored a week with a total of 111-0. For actual, ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN to ZERO! And the Terps are a favorite. What? OK, Im buying. Why? This year because the Knights are outscored play!
And at the top-10 SEC battle, were gonna roll up with Auburn. You have 5-0 vs??5-0. And the seeing 5-0 Tigers will be the favorite. Why? Cause theyre gont win.
On to Sunday, and we are all over the Cowboys -3.5 points across the Packers. After hitting four straight best bets, this will be the first week which I am not off or on Baltimore. Why? Because the Ravens have looked awful the past two games, and I am not totally sold on the new QB, Mason Rudolph of Pittsburgh. Speaking of awful, Dallas wasnt awful but awful at a 12-10 loss at New Orleans last week. Why theBoys? A bunch of reasons, but most significant is the running game. Ezekiel Elliott is done after four games, and must be prepared to rumble, BIG TIME.
Why? Because Green Bay has been dreadful permitting 176 yards into the Eagles 149 into Denver in Week 3 and 198. The Cheeseheads do not do well on the road, winning only two of the previous 11. Dallas has been exceptional on a 7-0 run and submitting 10 wins in the previous 11 in Jerry World. And thats why this is my BEST BET
Looking at the Titans -3 points over the Bills. This match made it into their ideal wager territorys air. But without a deal about the Josh Allen injury (concussion), we cannot help it become a BESTIE. However, just like we did last week, even when we asked you to pump Buffalo up to greatest wager standing if Donta Hightower was outside (he was, and it was a winner), please perform the exact same here. Matt Barkley gets the start at QB for the Buffs and if Allen doesnt perform , Dual M, Marcus Titans and Mariota turned into a Finest BET BAABBEEE!!!
Benjamin Eckstein is a sportswriter/oddsmaker that is nationwide syndicated. His column, the Line, together with the Ecks & Bacon appetizer of America, has conducted in the New York Daily News and over 100 other newspapers since 1988. You can follow him online at?? He is beloved by most, when winners are picked by him, and detested by others, when he chooses the occasional loser. Should you want slice of Eck, hit his email…

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