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Hat Makes Us Different?
Here at we do not deal in B.S.
This may look like a strange strategy within an industry littered with websites that provide out”Games of the Year” 20 times every year and guarantee completely unrealistic profit numbers. But no matter how good you are in self-promotion you have to produce. And when the first thing you do with a new client is to guarantee something you can’t deliver on, eventually you are going to be exposed as the fraud you’re.
We are interested in building longterm relationships with our clientele. Would you think a stock agent who told you that he was going to beat the yield of this S&P 500 every year by 10 points and that you would not have a losing month? Of course not. Why think a service which makes claims?
Billy Walters is widely regarded as the most successful sports bettor of the past 30 decades. Well, this comes right from the mouth of one of Walters’ former employees,”The average guy on the street might be disillusioned when he knew the real winning percentage”
Does it shock you to know that Walters has gone on record stating he’d hoped to hit 55 percent of his bets over the course of an NFL season?
So if you hear someone or some service promising numbers much higher than this, then you know they’re making claims they can’t keep.
Our support is geared towards advanced bettors that recognize that losing is just as much a part of this game as winning is. And in the event that you can not deal with that fact then we’re probably not a good match for each other. Please make certain that you have the necessary bankroll, money management skills, and discipline to successfully use the service. Past results are no guarantee of future results.

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