Oscars 2019 predictions: A betting preview

With this year’s nominations for the 91st Academy Awards now declared, Pinnacle is once again offering bettors odds of all significant categories. Without an official host for just the second time , and with streaming service Netflix scoring its first ever Best Picture nomination, the Oscars 2019 have already caused quite a stir. So, what value can it provide to bettors? Read on for an expert’s opinion on the key contenders in each category.
On Tuesday, January 22 were announced and them came markets on six categories. Belowwe have a look at which celebrities and movies obtained the nods and the way the nominations should shape the Oscar chances.
The main subject for Oscars 2019
With dwindling viewing figures, and a number of high-profile PR disasters, the Academy Awards are more of a cause for controversy than party in the past couple of years.
Without a host for only the second time in its history, comedian Kevin Hart was forced to step down from hosting responsibilities this year after it was revealed he submitted a set of homophobic tweets back in 2009 and 2010 — that he denied to apologise for.
More politically charged than in years gone by, recent Oscars have observed nominees and attendees use the occasion to highlight pressing societal injustices – in a bid generate consciousness and also to prompt change.
This change is reflected in the show itself — both in terms of awards and the production.

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