Royals vs. Orioles MLB Pick – August 19th

The Kansas City Royals had a opportunity to overcome the New York Mets in their three-game series over the weekend, but let things to get away on Sunday afternoon. Going to the 7th inning with a 4-3 lead, the Mets poured it around with 6 runs to go ahead smoothly with a score of 9-4. They would finally go on for a 11-5 victory Sunday afternoon. What seemed like will be quite a close one turned into a blowout for the Mets.
If the Mets’ bats are swinging like that down the stretch, then you may want to pen them into the postseason. The offense is their huge question mark, which has been an inconsistent unit for them at 2019. Pitching wise, it is difficult to bet against the rotation that they must throw at hitters.
The Royals proceed having a visit to Baltimore to get a meaningless run against the Orioles. Meaningless in the feeling that this game doesn’t have any effect on this postseason. It’s basically a glorified spring training game, with the Royals and Orioles taking a peek at some of their younger gift. They’re already scouting for a 2020 starting lineup. Do not expect too much advancement from either side next season, however.
Baltimore are getting a fantastic look at John Means, as the rookie will be receiving his 24th appearance at Camden Yards tonight. He pitched in 3.1 innings to get a taste of major league action every day. This year, with a opening in the rotation, the Orioles have given Means that an extended chance as a beginner.
Overall, he’s been adequate for a newcomer, but we have been seeing him fight recently. We’ll see what he can do against the Royals tonight at home at Baltimore. The Royals will look to Jorge Lopez, that has eclipsed his previous high of seven starts in a year.
Lopez will be expected to make his 31st appearance and 12th start in 2019 tonight. He has not been good, but Lopez is a body which the Royals can throw out there at this lost season. Head below to our free Royals vs. Orioles select.
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John Means is trying to keep it down the stretch. He had been pitching so well this year, particularly for a beginner, but Means has lately found out that beating important league hitting isn’t going to be easy all the time. This is a marathon for a good deal of young pitchers who aren’t used to pitching this much against the top hitters in the world. Means had been throttled in his most recent excursions, each of which came from the Yankees.
So, he won’t have to confront a lineup as good as the Yankees here, however, his confidence was shaken for these. Means allowed 10 earned runs in 7.1 innings of play, together with the Yanks winning by scores of 14-2 and 8-3. He was also fighting three excursions back against the Diamondbacks.
Means given 6 hits and 3 earned runs in 3.1 innings. He hasn’t made it beyond 3 innings since July 19th from the Red Sox. This will be his first look in the Royals in his career. Means should be receiving lots of run support against Jorge Lopez tonight, so he might not need a stellar performance to get a Baltimore win Monday. We all know that he probably is not going to find much help from the bullpen, who are dead last in the majors with a 6.08 ERA. Lopez will be hunting just his second win of the year tonight in Camden Yards.
Lopez has had chances to stay in a turning because 2015, but was never able to get the task done. Nothing has changed in 2019 for him personally as he looks like a guy who belongs in the minors. Lopez enters Monday with a 6.51 ERA and 1.55 WHIP. He has been punished for a 15.75 ERA, 2.62 WHIP, and .511 OBA in his last few starts.
Lopez has spent all his time from the bullpen this season and was promoted in his latest appearance to begin from the Tigers. He was lost as he got exposed for 4 earned runs in 1.1 innings. Baltimore are hitting .429 with a .500 OBP in 7 at-bats from Lopez. The 26-year-old likely isn’t likely to suddenly find it out from Baltimore tonight. This looks like a great spot to get the OVER ticket to money.

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