Sir Ian Botham and David Gower’s best bits on Sky Sports Cricket

They’re cricketing!
After two decades of support on Sky Sports, we are saying goodbye to Sir Ian Botham and David Gower in the end of their fifth Ashes Test.
To mark the occasion, a farewell present if you want, we’ve put together some of our favourite moments in their time in the commentary box.
Click on the video above to relive some clips – including Beefy’s commentary on England 2005 Ashes win at Edgbaston and Gower’s description of England success.
If we’re honest, there’ve been some bloopers over the way also – and obviously, they are included in the video!
So if you’ve ever wondered exactly what represents’A day in the life span of’ Beefy’ or would like the opportunity to view David recreating his notorious Tiger Moth flight, then look no further.
Thanks for the memories!

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