Skier Lindsey Vonn is engaged to NHL star P.K. Subban

(CNN) — Lindsey Vonn, the best female ski racer of all time, is engaged to NHL star P.K. Subban, their representatives confirmed to CNN.
The couple left their relationship public and met. Based on Vogue, Subban suggested in front of Vonn’s three dogs, presenting his birthstone and her emerald ring — her favorite color. The couple is planning to proceed to New Jersey.
Vonn obsolete Tiger Woods and was married to US skier Thomas Vonn.
“We are not in a huge hurry to get married,” Vonn said, based on Vogue. “It sort of depends upon his playing schedule, and once we have enough time to sit down and go through it. I do not want to stress him out because he has a big season coming.”
Vonn, 34, who announced her plans to retire from skiing, finished her career by 82 World Cup successes. That is 20 wins ahead of the next best woman, Annemarie Moser-Proell of Austria, also second on the all time list behind Sweden’s Ingemar Stenmark.
By winning a bronze in her race, Vonn became the oldest woman to secure a medal at a world championships and also the first racer at five championships. She won three Olympic medals, including gold in downhill in 2010 in Vancouver.
A Toronto native, the Subban is regarded as one of the top defensemen in the NHL. He was selected by the Montreal Canadiens in the second round (No. 43) of the 2007 NHL draft and has been appointed to the NHL literary team in 2013 and 2015. In 2014, Subban won golden representing Canada and led the Nashville Predators into the franchise’s first appearance. He had been traded to New Jersey in June.
“Lindsey’s that the very best thing that has ever occurred to me,” Subban stated to Vogue. “There are people in life that need to be with good men and women. They have that individual who manages them and leaves them smile, and she prefers to be with somebody who loves her than anything else in the world, and I really do.”

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